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Oor onderzoek simulator

Oor Simulator
This simulator allows practice in the examination of the ear. It consist of a head with 6 interchangeable flexible ears with lifelike external and internal structures. Embedded colored prints in 5 out of the 6 ears allow the diagnosis of various pathologies. One ear is not colored, but can be used for earwax removal exercises. The simulator is supplied with 2 tubes of synthetic earwax, nine 35mm slides (5 conditions as below plus 4 conditions of our supplementary set W44123) and a carry-on-case. An Otoscope is not included. The following normal conditions and pathologies can be observed:
Normal tympanic membrane
Mucoid otitis media
Serous otitis media with fluid level
Chronic otitis media with perforation
Normal tympanic membrane with slanted ear canal

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Medische apparatuur ziekenhuizen / Diagnostiek / Anatomische modellen